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why do i need forexlyfe mentorship package?

About 80% of new traders will give up forex in their first year of trading the forex market. This is because forex trading could be boring and confusing if you do not know what you are doing. We have done research and we realised that the reason why the 80% of the new traders  quit forex in their first yea rof trading is because they feel alone, they are confused and they are overwhelmed. Also, alot of them ended up blowing

thier accounts because of lack of discipline. We also realized that a lot of the new traders quit or not successful because they struggle with the psychology behind trading.When they pay for courses or attend expensive masterclasses, the people selling the courses made them believe their course or attending a masterclass is all they need in order to be successful and once they get paid, they leave the students to face the market alone. Our mentorship package comes with so much benefits and with this package we will guide, teach and mentor you throughout your trading journey. This mentorship comes with so much benefits and it is also a one off payment. 

How are your signals delivered?

Our signals and setups are delivered via mobile app called telegram. This app allows instant notifications on your phone, computer or tablet.

What should i be expecting from your signals?

Our signals comes with full technical analysis from our analyst with clear entry, SL and TP. Most importantly,we provide trade management where we monitor all running trades and we advice our members on what to do.

What is the duration of your mentorship package?

Our mentorship package is lifetime and one off payment.


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