ForexLyfe Master Course

Our ForexLyfe Master Course and Mentorship Program does not only allow you to acquire ample trading knowledge but also let you apply the skills obtained on a $50,000 account from our partner’s firm. This opportunity is not one to be missed, you will be guided throughout your journey by our best mentors and senior analysts. From years of experience, we discovered that many traders end up making huge losses or even blow their trading capitals due to high risk taken on accounts with smaller trading capitals. Do you want to make big consistent profit by following our risk management guidelines in our ForexLyfe Full Course and Trading Bible? If YES is the answer, then this is for you!


We do believe in the power of compounding but we all have different financial responsibilities, not everybody has the patience to do so, this is where we come in to support our students. 


In order to be funded, you will have to:


1.    Complete the ForexLyfe full course

2.    Master the psychology behind trading, risk management and trade management

3.    Understand market structure and behaviours. 

4.    Go through an assessment with one of our senior traders


On completion of all this, you will be granted a 3 months free access to our premium telegram channels and offered a certificate of course completion. At this stage, we will help you apply for funding. 


Minimum funding is $25,000 and Maximum is $50,000 and the split is 50/50 profits made between you and our partner’s firm. 

For more enquiries, send an email to